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Custom Vinyl Lettering

Samples of Custom Vinyl Lettering

This sign below was made with a combination of vinyl lettering & screen printing. The cream color was screen printed, and the brown is vinyl lettering. Vinyl lettering has almost completely replaced sign painting because of its durability. The vinyl manufacturers say that the vinyl we use is durable
up to 6 years, but it may last much longer. As a testament to that this photograph was taken on May 7th 2014, and the sign was originally
installed back in 2001. How long a sign lasts outdoors depends on where it is located, and how much sunlight it is exposed to.
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Click on the thumbnails below to see larger pictures of our samples.
There are size limitations when cutting lettering out of vinyl. You can't cut letters that are too small or too fine. E-mail us a Vector Art File, and we will determine if the image is something that can be cut from vinyl. Custom cut vinyl can be used for a variety of applications. Call for more information on custom vinyl lettering!
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